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Kayaking on the Yoshida River, Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Photos taken by Yoshi, owner of Spirit Paddle Shop

NEW Kayaking Journal Entries on the Way

INTERNATIONAL RIVER ADVENTURES will document journeys to other countries for kayaking. The images above were taken on a stunningly clean, creeky river in the mountains of Japan, and it was by far the most exciting kayaking adventure of my short kayaking career.
It looks like Japan might be in line again for my next international kayaking trip. I am planning to stay in the country a lot longer this time, participating in a three month immersion language program (with a campus conveniently located close to Japan's best kayaking and snowboarding region).
Visit Yoshi's Spirit Paddle Shop online to get an idea of what great kayaking awaits you in Japan.

NEW RIVER EXPERIENCES - I originally planned to post sequential journal entries of my first 50 days of paddling, but the adventures and learning that came about in days 51 through 100 in many ways exceeded what occurred in the first 50 days (plus the video and pictures are cooler). I am far past my first 100 days of paddling now, and I will stop posting entries for each day of paddling after I get the first 100 days fully uploaded.
Instead, I will begin posting journal entries only of exciting "new" rivers (for me) and other significant experiences.

A few of the new journal entries on the way
Lower Gore Creek (Big fun on the West Side of Vail.)
Dowd Chute (The New Shoshone!)
Slaughterhouse (So much fun & NO flat water.)
Castle Creek (I have found a new paradise & its name is Castle Creek.)
Upper Tenmile Creek (Holy freakin' %(#^!)
Taos Box Canyon (Big, big fun, but too much flat water.)
Bogen Canyon (A bit on the mild side.)
Crystal River Mill Waterfall Run (Calamity, worst day ever. One broken helmet & concussion in our group.)
Crystal River Narrows (Like Dowd Chute, but better.)
Barrel Springs (I've never been tested more mentally as I was my 1st time in Barrel at 2000 cubic feet per second.)
Bailey (A great confidence builder for me, but one of our most dramatic days. A broken tooth for 1 in our group.)
Pine Creek (I finally paddled the last semi-legendary rapid on my checklist of Gore Canyon preparatory runs.)
Gore Canyon (Lots of photos, video, and all the juicy details of my first four runs in the notorious Gore Canyon.)

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