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PADDLE DAY 47 - Foxton Creek - My 2nd day on the South Platte River's North Fork

Return to Foxton Creek

Surfing in Foxton Creek's best playhole. That's not a dental device, just another pair of sunglasses trying to escape me.

My new Ed Lucero armored PFD.
I stayed in touch with Ivan met earlier this week on Paddle Day 46. Foxton Creek is flowing again today, so we took the afternoon off and returned with Matt, another one of Ivan's paddling partners.

Running something for the first time is usually the most exciting, but the tension level is lower on subsequent runs. Today I was able to paddle the run with more comfort, relaxing and enjoying the technical navigation requirements of Foxton Creek.

On the left you can see the new Ed Lucero armored PFD that I bought upon returning from California. In addition to higher back protection, there is tough plastic armor plating embedded in the vest.

The Ed Lucero Hairfish PFD feels just as comfortable to me as the Stohlquist Brik I had been using (photo at top of Paddle Day 42). Get these armored Ed Lucero Hairfish vests while you can. Stohlquist doesn't make them anymore. They say there was a shortage of demand.

There is never a shortage of beautiful sunsets to photograph in Colorado. The image below was captured on my way back to the highway from Foxton Creek for the quick drive home.

Returning from Foxton Creek - Sunset in the foothills on my way back to the mountains.

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