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PADDLE DAY 18 - Upper Colorado River
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Back to the Upper Colorado River, Pumphouse to Radium

Jon paddling against the background of dark canyon walls on the Upper Colorado River.
upper colorado river 6

After running Shoshone yesterday, Jon wanted to see another river section before heading back to New Mexico. With the Lower Blue at "much too low" water levels, the Upper Colorado River is the only other available run I am experienced with. So we head north of Summit County to run the Pumphouse to Radium stretch.

It's a nice day but I must confess I am having mental issues as a result of yesterday's head bashing and swim in Shoshone. My roll has gone flaky on me today. It is sometimes taking multiple attempts to get upright after voluntarily flipping. Perhaps it would be better to wait until my neck heals before getting out and practicing rolls in a river again, but I am still more than a little frustrated with this seeming skill setback.

The injury from yesterday seems to be just torn neck muscles. I suspect I will be as good as new shortly.

Despite my desires, this day ended up being my last Paddle Day of the season. Check out the Season Over and Safety Note journal entries below for comments on my disappointing finish, or continue into the next season with Paddle Day 19.

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