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PADDLE DAY 16 - Upper Colorado River
Upper Colorado River 1
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Kicking Back on the Upper Colorado River

Interesting but badly positioned tree.
Upper Colorado River 6
Gerry from Nebraska, a new friend met at Breckenridge's Kayak Roll Clinic, was back in town and looking for a partner to run the Upper Colorado River.

This makes my 4th day in a row paddling and I must confess I would not have been disappointed to stay at home and take it easy today, but I still had a demo kayak in my possession. So... of course I agreed to paddle and we ran the Upper C twice back to back.

It turned into a really nice day but despite the Upper C being so scenic and conveniently close to my home, I am afraid I'm beginning to lose my enthusiasm for this relatively calm run. It was definitely a lot more exciting with bigger water the first day I ran the Upper Colorado River.

Whenever I'm on a river now, I find myself looking for possible scene locations. The photo on the left shows me pointing up towards a tree with a distinctive "seat" on one of the limbs. This tree has caught my eye every time I come down the Upper Colorado River.

There is a kayaking scene in Savage Snow with an unexpected character observing two boaters on the river. This tree would be an ideal perch for the character in that scene if it wasn't quite so far from the river's edge, and if it was located by a rapid.

Despite my interest in this tree, it is doubtful it will appear in the film.

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