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PADDLE DAY 15 - Colorado River Dog on Shoshone
colorado river dog 1
colorado river dog 2 colorado river dog 3 colorado river dog 4 colorado river dog 5

Colorado River Dog - Shoshone Day 3

Looking upstream towards the Shoshone put in.
colorado river dog 6
colorado river dog 7

I returned to the Shoshone section of the Colorado River for the third day in a row. I came with Rick and Ronnie from yesterday, and their friends Nina and Ozzy. You can watch me get worked again by clicking on the lower left image, and see my advanced water inhalation skills up close this time.

colorado river dog 8
It was another fun and progressive day, with the only low point being another head hit, this one even harder than yesterday's personal impact record. Gotta love carbon fiber helmets.

Just in case of unexpected trouble, I would have felt more at ease with the amazing river dog above wearing a canine PFD as many river dogs do, but there is no doubt the dog was happy. That's Ozzy throwing the stick in the movie file while the dog's owner takes a turn in the wave behind. This energetic Colorado river dog was not picky about who gave him the Class 3 fetch toss.

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