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PADDLE DAY 14 - Kayaking on the Colorado River - Shoshone
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The Colorado River - Shoshone Day 2

Rick gets vertical at the Shoshone put in on the Colorado River, while another kayaker waits for his turn.
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After the excitement of yesterday and with the season coming to an end, I decided to go to the Shoshone put in on the Colorado River by myself to look for more paddlers to hook up with. I learned yesterday that because of Shoshone's popularity and ease of access, you can always find people to paddle with there.

Most adventurous activities are obviously safer when done in the company of others, but with kayaking it is absolutely necessary to have people with you. The risk in paddling alone is too great.

I hooked up with several guys who were arriving at the Shoshone Colorado River put in at the same time as myself. Instead of running Shoshone twice in a row as the group did yesterday, these guys preferred to make one long run of it, playing extensively in all of the features found in the river. It was a good opportunity for me to practice my roll because getting flipped immediately was about all I could manage upon entering any strong play feature.

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I experienced one jarring head hit after being flipped in a rapid, reminding me of what some have said about Shoshone's boulders at low water. It didn't really hurt, but the impact was so hard I couldn't help but pause before rolling and think to myself, "What an amazing helmet this is."

I used a squirtier boat today which had a stern that caught and flipped me even more often than yesterday, but this boat was all that was available to demo for the next few days. I will keep it awhile and see how I like it after several days of paddling.

For a comparison of skill levels, check out Rick's styling move in the photo above and then watch me enter the same feature in the distance in the movie clip on the left.

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