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PADDLE DAY 13 - Kayaking Shoshone - Summit Paddle Club
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Unexpected "Kayaking Shoshone" Opportunity - Summit Paddle Club

Today was supposed to be a late season CKS Summit Paddle Club trip to the Upper C, but not enough people confirmed to make it an official paddle club trip with a CKS guide. The Colorado Kayak Supply staff suggested I stop by the store anyway. More than likely some others would show up for paddling.

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Glenwood Canyon casts a shadow on our second run.
kayaking shoshone summit paddle club 6

Sure enough, several people came. They made plans for kayaking Shoshone instead of the Upper C. Shoshone is a run that I had heard to be a significant step up from the Upper Colorado Pumphouse to Radium run.
I decided to join the group.

It turned out to be more than just a step up. It was a leap above anything I have run previously.
Today gave me a real taste of the excitement that awaits in my kayaking future.

Although my first run down the Lower Blue River presented big waves to blast through, kayaking Shoshone offers a more technical experience and "swirly" water situations that are a fun challenge for a beginner.

Unfortunately an annoying water drop in front of the lens interferes with the one movie file captured this day. I decided to include it anyway. I thought I should have some visual documentation of my first day kayaking Shoshone.
I am sure to return and acquire better images in the near future.

Due to a low snowfall year, Shoshone has been dam released at lower levels than normal. I am told the rapids are smaller this season. Also, being flipped now is more of an issue because of submerged boulders that would normally be too deep to be a factor, but now are at prime head striking levels under the water.

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