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PADDLE DAY 12 - The Boney Lower Blue River
lower blue river 1
lower blue river 2 lower blue river 3 lower blue river 4 lower blue river 5

The Boney Lower Blue River

First small waterfall on Lower Blue River.
lower blue river 6

With little time for kayaking this summer, I am eager to make what progress I can.

I hired an instructor from CKS to work with me on the Upper Colorado River and Lower Blue River. After running the Upper C, Tom agrees to go down the Lower Blue River with me. The water levels were low on the Blue river today, making it a different sort of challenge than my previous experience. No giant waves, but plenty of boulders to navigate between.

Tom was very gracious to take me down the Blue at such low levels. Boney river running is not a preference of most people I am sure, but it was a new and exciting experience for me. The waterfalls for example were "bigger" (although less swirly) at low water because of the increased drop height caused by the lower river levels.

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