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PADDLE DAY 10 - New Cast Member's First Kayak Lessons
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New Cast Member's Kayak Lessons - First Day on River

Jeremy and Dan - Jeremy's first kayak lessons. Scroll down for lesson photos.
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My time for kayaking this summer is limited due to travel obligations, but I am pleased to find myself accompanied today on my 7th river day by new cast member Jeremy Voge on his 1st. Jeremy is set to play the part of AJ in Savage Snow.

Jeremy is a natural athlete and gifted snowboarder. After only one day on a river he appears surprisingly close to being able to handle the bare minimum kayaking requirements of his role.

The image above is actually a composite created from two great photographs shot by Rapid Image of Idaho Springs. I assembled them to create an image similar to one that will be seen in the film. Three main characters will be in kayaks at some point during the movie, but Jeremy and myself will be seen together in rapids a few times. Colors of gear and clothing are unusually integral to the story in Savage Snow. For my own visualization purposes I changed the colors of several items in the above image to more closely approximate the appearance of both characters in the film. Before Jeremy's kayaking scenes are shot we will outfit him heavily in "real" red gear, instead of Photoshop red gear. I'll need a few yellow items for myself.

The photos below were all taken during Jeremy's private kayak lessons. The lessons started with a lake session in Silverthorne before proceeding to the Upper C. The very capable Jim of Colorado Kayak Supply and Summit Kayak School was the instructor.

Flat water instruction with Jim of CKS.
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Jeremy practicing wet exits.
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Jeremy and Jim at Pumphouse put in.
kayak lessons 9
Eddy line practice.
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Paddling hard.
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He survives. Radium takeout.
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