Whitewater Kayaking Progression Journal: PADDLE DAY 4 - Haw River Kayaking / River Kayak Rolls
Free kayak movies and whitewater photos documenting progress from absolute beginner on paddle day 1 to advanced big water paddler.
NOTE: Though there are a few photos in some of the early entries, beginning on Paddle Day 10 the quality and quantity of photographs and videos picks up dramatically. From that day on in the cockpit of my kayak, I began carrying a high quality digital camera with video capabilities. The camera is used every day I paddle to document new experiences for this site.
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River Kayak Rolls - Haw River Kayaking

We finished up the two day City of Raleigh Level II course on the Haw River. There was definitely more current and more interesting features than the Neuse River, but not too much to worry about. Unintentional flipping would be very unlikely here, and none of us were overturned involuntarily.

I chose to flip myself in some slow moving current to practice my river kayak rolls. It was psychologically beneficial to roll in a river for the first time.

Although there was one tiny (and I mean tiny) wave that I surfed on downstream of the calamitous big stump on Paddle Day One, there were a couple of spots on the Haw River where I was able to surf on waves that I could actually feel under the boat.

All in all this day felt like a helpful investment of time. It was not terribly exciting. I felt good about it mostly because I knew I was taking steps that would one day lead to something more enjoyable and beneficial to the film.

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