Whitewater Kayaking Progression Journal: PADDLE DAY 3 - Kayak Rolling Techniques
Free kayak movies and whitewater photos documenting progress from absolute beginner on paddle day 1 to advanced big water paddler.
NOTE: Though there are a few photos in some of the early entries, beginning on Paddle Day 10 the quality and quantity of photographs and videos picks up dramatically. From that day on in the cockpit of my kayak, I began carrying a high quality digital camera with video capabilities. The camera is used every day I paddle to document new experiences for this site.
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Kayak Rolling Techniques

This was the first day of a Level II two day course offered by the City of Raleigh. Apparently there is much less interest in the "advanced" class. I wasn't technically qualified for this course after only taking the 1 Day Intro class, but I had cleared that they would allow me to participate in this course if I took the intro course first. The normal prerequisite two day Level I class was not available. I still had to volunteer to pay for an invisible student to keep this class from being canceled. Myself, one other student, and a parks and recreation intern took the course with the instructor.

At the orientation it was decided to spend the first day on a city parks lake at Camp Durant instead of a river because of the other student’s discomfort in the water. Actually, based on her experience in her introductory course, this person was professing very openly her strong belief that whitewater kayaking may not be her cup of tea. I was still grateful she signed up. Though I suppose I could have paid for two invisible students if I had been the only participant.

After working on some important paddling skills in the lake and while the other student and intern were practicing hip snap roll preparation drills holding on to a boat dock, I was able to float out on my own to tune the kayak rolling techniques I had picked up in Paddle Day Two's roll clinic.

Through repetition I am learning the importance of these 3 kayak rolling techniques:

1. Good Setup / Paddle Position
2. Powerful Hip Snap
3. Keeping Head Down in Water. (which is counterintuitive due to desire to breathe)

And finally... synchronizing everything or timing.

Even though I am rolling reliably in flat water, it is interesting to experience that small amount of anxiety every time I voluntarily flip the boat. It is still so new to me.
It was a good day and progressive.

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