Whitewater Kayaking Progression Journal: PADDLE DAY 2 - Learning to Kayak Roll
Free kayak movies and whitewater photos documenting progress from absolute beginner on paddle day 1 to advanced big water paddler.
NOTE: Though there are a few photos in some of the early entries, beginning on Paddle Day 10 the quality and quantity of photographs and videos picks up dramatically. From that day on in the cockpit of my kayak, I began carrying a high quality digital camera with video capabilities. The camera is used every day I paddle to document new experiences for this site.
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Learning to Kayak Roll

I signed up for a Falls Lake kayak roll clinic offered by a Raleigh canoe and kayak shop that was close to going out of business at the time. Fortunately they stayed open long enough for me to get a little more introductory kayaking guidance before my big move to Colorado.

I was excited to pick up the mechanics of the kayak roll right away at this roll clinic. I was rolling on my own after a few tries. Being comfortable under the water and being able to just sit there upside down, calmly thinking about the positions and procedure definitely seemed to give me a little advantage.

I am sure rolling in current or big rapids will be more challenging. I understand the margin for error can be much smaller in river running situations where the current may work against you.

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