Perfecting a move for film scene.
The Snow is Coming...
I am hoping to get the Snow content up for this winter, but current efforts for the site are focused on a new Savage Snow: Film Snow, & Water podcast series. I have several episodes of audio content recorded now that I am whittling down for eventual upload. Be sure to check back for the audio series. If you find any of the subject matter on this site interesting, I hope you will consider giving the podcast a listen.
The animation above is a teaser for "My First Dozen Front Flips," one of many varied pages in the upcoming snow section. The "Front Flip" page documents the injuries, broken snowboard, & other problems that came up while perfecting an "end over end" front flip for a scene in Savage Snow.
Full motion, full color videos of the early attempts, lessons learned, and eventual success will be on that page.
The upcoming Snow Section will feature a large quantity of original content snowboarding and resort information, with a slight Colorado emphasis.
In case you are wondering what the Savage Snow website is all about...
The site's primary purpose is to promote awareness of the Savage Snow independent film. Savage Snow is a full length feature being developed and produced in Colorado.
To make this film site interesting to more people, a large collection of exclusive snowboarding & whitewater kayaking content is being added. These two activities are featured prominently in the story, even though Savage Snow is not a sports film. The WATER section is online now and the SNOW section is next in line to be loaded, with the FILM section finally finishing the site.
Send an email to if you want to receive an automatic notification when the SNOW Section is online.
Take a look at the Savage Snow "Learning to Kayak" photo and video journal online now.

I am surprised by how attracted to whitewater I have become.
My enthusiasm for whitewater almost equals my affection for powder these days. Whitewater kayaking is undoubtedly the perfect warm weather activity for snowboarders.

See you on the mountain (or in the river).

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