The new FILM section is coming. Ironically, the film area is likely to be the least effective section for drawing traffic to the site and will be uploaded last. It will soon be the place to read about Savage Snow casting and other film details.

Additionally, the film section will feature a Film Production Resource Guide with resources and links to the most helpful information I have found in the years of preparation for Savage Snow. Notes and commentary covering everything from actors to cameras, and many other production issues, will be available to site visitors.

The WATER section is online now.
Learning to Kayak: A Beginner's Log
Preparing for the Kayak Scenes in Savage Snow

A preview page is up in the SNOW section with more information on Savage Snow and upcoming Snowboarding content.

The Whitewater Kayaking Journal has proven to be very effective in drawing traffic to the site, so I will continue with my plan of developing the "fun" areas of the Savage Snow website first (Water & Snow).

Incidentally, Savage Snow is not a sports film. Most of the lead characters just happen to be extremely "active."

Casting Notice:
In the past I have made the mistake of spending time with actors who were not permanently located in Colorado, so I do prefer to receive contact from those who plan to be living in Colorado for a good long while. Those who might consider relocating to paradise here for a season or two are also encouraged to send their information. Main characters will all be cast from actors living within a reasonable driving distance of Summit County, Colorado. Many scenes will be weather dependant and actor accessibility will be critical to pulling off this production.

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